Una Storia Di Stile e Tradizione - Ottica Azzurro Capri
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A Story of Style and Tradition

Welcome to the World of Glasses in Capri - A Story of Style and Tradition

You have entered the place where history, elegance and a passion for eyewear come together in a single experience. Our glasses shop in Capri, opened by the legendary paparazzo of the time, Tonino, way back in 1960, is an icon of excellence and style.

Our Origin

Our story begins with Tonino, an enterprising and passionate photographer from Capri, who decided to bring his love for fashion and style into the world of glasses. Over the years, Tonino has captured the most memorable moments of Capri's golden age, and his passion for elegance is reflected in our shop, which continues to carry forward his spirit.

Heritage of Style and Quality

Tonino's tradition is intrinsic to every pair of glasses we offer. We choose only the best designs and materials to ensure glasses that embody the essence of Capri: combining luxury, refinement and functionality.
Furthermore, we are particularly proud of our Bluelight - Capri Eyewear brand, which represents the essence of our family and our island.
Each Bluelight pair of glasses is in fact a unique and original work of art, handmade with care and passion.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to quality and exceptional service is what sets us apart. The store team is ready to share the knowledge passed down from Tonino to help you find the perfect pair of glasses, whether it's an homage to his legendary style or a personal fashion statement.

Discover the History, Wear the Style

Today, we invite you to explore our site and discover the vast selection of eyewear that embodies the timeless luxury of Capri.
Pay homage to Tonino's tradition and you will find your personal touch of elegance.
Thank you for being part of our story.
We are proud to share with you the heritage of style and quality that has been at the heart of our glasses shop in Capri since 1960.

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